Margriet Koedooder

Advocaat Creatieve Industrie / Academy Master
Expertise: muziek, media, entertainment

Margriet is a powerhouse lawyer in the creative industry. She represents famous clients, publishes books and teaches at various courses and is Braenworks Academy Master.

Versatile career

Margriet Koedooder started her career as (first) policy officer and (later) deputy director of the foundation Popmuziek Nederland. She was involved in the development and execution of all sorts of projects, from publishing CDs, setting up a trade union for artists, setting up a stage subsidy system and giving legal advice to artists, authors, labels and independents.

Legal expert creative industry

After six years, the legal profession stared and now she has been working for more than 25 years as a lawyer for the creative industry, especially the music, media and entertainment sectors. She is a partner of the Amsterdam firm De Vos & Partners Advocaten and advises and litigates on behalf of both Dutch and foreign clients.

Author and lector

In addition, she is the author of many books and articles, particularly in the area of ​​music law. She also regularly teaches students Music Management, the Rock Academy, Sound Education and other study programs. Margriet is Braenworks Academy Master for Module 4 on Intellectual Property & Contracts.