Kevin de Randamie

Artiest / Business Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: conceptontwikkeling, strategie

Kevin de Randamie is known as hip hop artist under the name Blaxtar and runs multiple creative companies. He is a talented coach and trainer who loves to share his knowledge and experience with others.

Music career

He started his musical career in the rap group Rudeteenz together with his youngest brother Typhoon and the group that later became famous under the name Opgezwolle. In 2006 he published his first album Ozmoses, under his own label Raen Music. In 2006 he won the Grand Prize of Holland. In january 2007 he published his second album Chronozbaäl, also under his own label. He also published albums of a number of other artists like Manu and Kernkoppen. From 2008 – 2010 he was part of Kyteman’s Hiphop Orchestra and toured through Europe with them. He was also the founder of poetry platform

Turning Point

Life went well, until the year 2010 in which the cultural sector in The Netherlands was hit by huge budget cuts. Kevin was not directly depending on grants and subsidies, but his clients were. His income from performances radically declined and he was also faced with a substantial tax debt. What happened? On the one hand he had not been too much occupied with securing his income, and organizing his financial administration. On the other hand, he was not seen by the bank as a ‘full-fledged’ entrepreneur who had built up value so he could be eligible for financing. He decided to investigate why it exactly is why creatives often do not strongly develop their business side. And why economic value in the ‘normal’ commercial world is rated so differently than in the creative sector.

Creative entrepreneur

Through his progressive insights Kevin was increasingly asked by other creative professionals to help them with for example contract negotiations and with the formulation of their business strategy. His lessons learned did not have to form a pitfall for others anymore. From these coaching activities arose Braenworks. Kevin is a business coach for his brother and artist Typhoon, and also for other creatives like designers, dancers and producers. He learned that they all struggle with the same issues, and that he possesses a natural talent to inspire and motivate them.

Braenworks has grown into a Creative Business Society, where creative professionals find each other and strengthen each other, both on a personal and on a business level. Kevin was also the founder of the Braenworks Academy.

Business Coach

Kevin loves to share his life lessons with other creative professionals. His enthusiasm, openness and sincere interest make him a most wanted coach to work with on personal growth and growing your business.