Claudia Mayer

Business Coach / Trainer
Expertise: strategie, marketing & sales via beeldtaal en gamification

Claudia is an experienced business coach and trainer. She is trained in Co-Active Coaching ™ and mix tailor-made coaching and consulting.

International experience

She was born in Austria and lived in various parts of the world before she settled in the Netherlands. Claudia has 8 years of working experience in the international creative industry in Europe and Asia. She knows the international business and entrepreneurial world. She has led B2B marketing, branding and business development projects at Zumtobel Grop (professional lighting industry) and UNStudio (architecture and urban development).


She loved working with creative professionals and in 2015 she founded Coaching by Claudia. Her goal is to support creative entrepreneurs and designers in the development of their business and commercial skills.


As a Business Coach she works with national and international clients on a daily basis, in which they jointly examine issues such as vision, strategy and business growth. Mostly profitable creative entrepreneurship where you have to think of: marketing, acquisition, focus / prioritization and efficient organization.