Suzanne Leclaire

Business Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: persoonlijke visie en strategie

Suzanne is working with creative professionals for more than 20 years. She is doing this from a deep belief in the power and need for (their) creativity to find solutions for social and corporate issues of today and in the future.

Entrepreneurship in culture

As a Master of Cultural Sciences and Arts Management she started her career as an art advisor for the corporate world. After three years she made a switch to start working for the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science, where she became a project leader under minister Rick van der Ploeg for the so-called ‘Action plan Culture Outreach’: the first national governmental program that invested in creating more demand for arts and culture. After multiple management jobs within the Ministry she continued her mission as director of Pier K, a centre for the arts. Here she guided over 200 (art) professionals towards a more entrepreneurial organisation.

Art + dialogue = innovation

In 2013 she started her own company called ‘Suzanne’s Zaak’, from where amongst others the ‘Cabinet for Living Research’ evolved. This is an innovative service for corporates to research their strategic issues through a methodology of art and dialogue. Suzanne shares the mission of Braenworks and loves to contribute to the enhancement of self esteem of creative professionals in The Netherlands, by being a Braenworks Academy Master, advisor and coach. As Braenworks Academy Master Suzanne is co-responsible for the content of Module 2 about ‘Vision & Strategy’.

Whenever you want to (learn to) investigate the question for which you are seeking an answer, and to answer it from your own wisdom and power, than a Braenbreeze with Suzanne is a must!