Karin Müller

Communicatie Coach
Expertise: marketing communicatie, fondsenwerving

Karin is an experienced co-founder with a demonstrated history of working in the creative sector and a talent for communication.

Cultural Entrepreneurship


Immediately after her Master Arts and Cultural Sciences she founded an art gallery together with a fellow student. They developed amongst others an Award for emerging talent in the visual arts that was sponsored by a multinational and was supported by the three biggest art schools and the renowned Kunsthal museum.


Exploring boundaries


In 2006 she decided to turn the wheel and to follow her international ambitions. As head of an NGO that worked in East and Southern Africa, she was responsible for the foundation of cultural youth centres in multiple big cities like Addis Ababa, Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam. Hundreds of youth were trained in music, dance, theatre, film and creative entrepreneurship. Also international uniting festivals were organised (B-Connected) and many cultural exchange projects took place with artists participating like Giovanca, Blaxtar, Typhoon, Shirma Rouse and cultural organisations like HipHopHuis and Ish. These projects resulted also in music albums like Virus Free Generation en Skopgat that raised awareness on social issues like prevention of HIV/Aids.


Creative entrepreneurship


This life changing period showed Karin the impact of creative entrepreneurship and the importance of good training and coaching. From 2011 until 2017 she worked as a freelancer for non-profits in the cultural sector and for a few commercial clients, as a researcher/fundraiser and as marketing strategist and content marketeer. After this instructive periode where she could further develop her skills she came to the conclusion that her heart lies in the creative sector, and with supporting creative talent. From 2017 she is Managing Partner at Braenworks where she plays a role in a.o. the development of the Braenworks Academy.


Communication Coach

Karin is an empathic coach who can work with creative professionals on a range of things that come into play when running a creative business. Her focus is the sharp translation of a vision, goals and ideas.