Charissa Koster

Legal Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: mediazaken, intellectueel eigendom, IT

Charissa has been a successful media attorney for over 20 years. She is one of the partners at DayOne Legal in The Hague and she focuses on media, intellectual property and IT.

Legal, technical and corporate business expertise

Besides legal knowledge Charissa also has technical (IT) and corporate business experience. She has a seat in multiple advisory boards in the social and creative field. Also, she writes columns for magazines like Quote, is she a commentator for magazines, newspapers and TV and is she invited to give presentations and workshops. She also is a coach and buddy for junior lawyers. Charissa mainly works for broadcast organisations, newspapers, literary publishers and advertising agencies and besides that for multiple creative clients like renowned artists, tv presenters, authors and a number of tech start-ups. For Charissa it is important to share knowledge, networks, expertise and experience. Finally she is Braenworks Academy Master for Module 4 about ‘Intellectual Property and Contracts’.

Positive feedback to gain new insights

Especially with her coaching she wants to offer others the opportunity to learn from the pitfalls she experienced in her own career. In her opinion to provide positive feedback and to share experiences, this can generate fresh insights and gives the mental support to make the right choices in your career and to deal with the hurdles on your path.