Bianca Gort

Financiële Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: Accountancy

Bianca is a committed, passionate and pragmatic financial expert who speaks the language of creative professionals.

Extensive experience in accountancy

After obtaining her Bachelor degree in Accountancy, Bianca worked her way up at one of the largest accounting firms in the Netherlands from Assistant to Senior Consultant in Accountancy and Business Advisory. After 10 years being part of the of permanent staff she thought it was time to spread her wings and to start her own firm together with a partner.

Business buddy

In the past 11 years as a SMEs Accountant and Advisor she supported and advised many organizations both on finance and taxation. She regards it as the biggest compliment when she is seen as an extension of the company and as a business buddy for the entrepreneur. By her contribution as a financial expert Bianca is unmistakably also part of the Braenworks team. Bianca is a very professional, approachable coach to work with on financial projections, budgets and reports. Also you can brainstorm with her about the set up of a sound financial administration and you can also talk to her for tax advice.