Bastian Dörenkämper

Business Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: business development, strategie, marketing

Bastian is a spirited business coach with experience in the corporate and sports world. He was a professional handball player and is still coaching other players.

Corporate career

After a Master in International Business he has worked for over 5 years as a consultant at PwC, specialised in HR Analytics. The moment came where he wanted to start his own company to experience entrepreneurship first hand. With Valderama Ink he develops and implements marketing strategies that result in buyer audiences that identify with the brand. Als Braenworks is glad to benefit from Bastian’s experience and expertise; he assists with business development and he is also Braenworks Academy Master for Module 3 about ‘Target Group & Value’.

Topsport experience

His experience as a top sportsman – learning to deal with disappointment, teamwork, motivation – combined with his strong analytical skills make him the ideal coach. You can very well brainstorm with him about business strategy, stakeholder management, personal growth in business, networking or developing a business case. He always leaves from a growth mindset and thinks empowerment is key.

Guiding direction

He can help creative professionals who have no clue where to start, or who want to examine their personal or business decisions. He can indicate what customers, stakeholders and team members expect from you and he can help organise and structure your workflow by for example developing a business plan.