Amos Frank, personal development trainer en business coach bij Braenworks

Amos Frank

Business Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: business coaching & persoonlijk leiderschap

Amos experienced his own Creative Revolution and transformed from commercial advertising executive to a committed coach for entrepreneurs.

Marketing carreer

For 10 years Amos worked for the most reputable advertising agencies. The last five years at DDB he was responsible for clients such as Volkswagen, Molnlycke and IBM. In 2006 he was hired by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to create a uniform policy for the four marketing organizations for the city of Amsterdam. After that he was an interim managing director for amongst other an online communication agency that executed branded content platforms, websites, apps, cross-media campaigns and social media management for clients such as Amstel and Royal Club.

New insight

He founded his own consulting firm in 2000, Houston, with a specialization in change management for clients like Volkswagen and Robeco. During that period Amos discovered that the personality and cultural undercurrent of the leader(s) within the organization are inextricably linked to the desired result. Without the leading figures change on a personal level there can never be a lasting organizational change that – even in the outside world – is noticeable. From there he developed a teaching method that combines strategy and coaching in a practical way. Additionally Amos founded Suikeroom Venture Capital in 2006, a social initiative which links established businesspeople to colorful entrepreneurs with a cultural diverse background. With the aim to offer these colorful entrepreneurs better access to capital, networking, knowledge and expertise.

Business Coaching & Personal Leadership

Amos especially coaches entrepreneurs and executives. His talent is to “puncture” what you think about yourself in order to discover your true identity and realize how powerful it is. He works as a trustee for its customers, who othen discover that their business problem interfaces with personal issues. And therefore may require a combined approach.

Amos prefers to work with people who are pursuing a goal. This is where he can best apply his strategic, creative and coaching skills. As Braenworks Academy Master, Amos is co-responsible for the content of the curriculum of Module 1 – Identity & Power.