How do you work on your Value?

Braenworks Academy Module 3: Value

During the Braenworks Academy’s third module you will focus on establishing and defending your value. Value is, obviously, subjective. You’ll learn how to benefit from the subjective nature of value in order to make more money. 

What distinguishes you from others? What makes you valuable? What are your ‘unique selling points’ or USP’s? Additionally, you will research which target audience is most susceptible to your offers. To illustrate that we use personas and audience segments. The more in tune you are with your audience, the easier it becomes to approach them. Using an optimal mix of value and target audience enables to you to maximize your fees and seduce the best potentials customers. You will role play mock negotiations and practice your negotiation skills.  Finally, you will have filled in the first block of your personal Business Model Canvas.

This module will take four weeks to finalize. It introduces you to the essence of your economic value through, amongst others, a series of homework assignments such as this one:


Let’s say there are two types of value, hard value, and soft value. Soft value pertains to the more emotional aspects of our economic transactions. Think of the emotional connection you might have with something you own. Your personal feelings about that item do not necessarily make it more valuable for someone else. Negotiating price is thus more efficiently done on basis of factors that determine the hard value. Some of these factors are:

  • Scarcity > How unique is your product objectively speaking?
  • Perception > What is the public’s impression of your product? Did you build a strong brand?
  • Storytelling > Is there a strong vision or story embedded in your product?
  • Reputation > What does your track record look like?
  • Quality > What’s your quality standard? Is there a way to objectively ascertain the quality of your product?
  • Supply & Demand > How badly does your potential customer need you?

Think back to the last time you were asked to send in a quote or negotiated the price of your product. How might you have used what’s described in the summary provided above to establish your value? Write down arguments that support your price for each of the bullets.

What’s the lesson?

This assignment provides your clear insight into how you can easily improve your negotiation skills as a creative professional. It also helps you to draw up a list of questions you can use during the first contact with a potential client. By engaging in an authentic conversation with your potential client you will learn a lot about what they truly value. That knowledge leads to a beautiful opportunity for you to offer the potential client exactly what’s needed, for a fair and profitable price.


Enrolling in the Braenworks Academy 

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What other said about this Braenworks Academy Module

“ The most valuable lesson I learned at the Academy is that my ‘art’ and my ‘I’ are two separate items. Negotiations are based on my artistic work. That’s how I experience that now. This insight brought more piece of mind”.

All1ne (DJ, Producer, Soultrash)

“ In Module 3 I was presented with the Business Model Canvas. At first, I wasn’t feeling it all. Too business focussed, surely that wasn’t for me and my creative self? But once we started filling in the Canvas I noticed that my ideas become more comprehensive. It’s all connected. All of a sudden I had a good sense of which actions had to be prioritized. Who do I create for? Who do I need? At this point I can distinguish nice ideas from potential plans way faster.”

Brigitte van Hagen (Soprano)


“ Through several Modules, for instance, Module 3 about Value, I learned more about myself and how to stand my ground in negotiations. I also learned to make choices. My work is labor intensive and my time is limited. If something doesn’t feel right I can decline. I received an order to create a design on a material I’d never worked with before. After some research and tests, I accepted the order but increased my fee. Additionally, I communicated to the client that the final product would differ from my other designs due to the new material. The client responded, saying:” I’m a fan of your work and completely trust your craftmanship”. The client experienced me as a full-fledged artist. And, I am. Largely thanks to the Academy.”


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