We offer professional coaching, access to a diverse network within the creative industry and inspiring events. We also have a business school, the Braenworks Academy.

We work together to spark a #creativerevolution. As creative professionals we will earn more, create the freedom to follow our passions and increase our positive impact on society.


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Braenworks was founded by hiphop artist and entrepreneur Kevin de Randamie. His own experiences led him to the vision that the business potential of creatives often remains unexplored. While it can bring a huge amount of creativity and power, hence knowledge sharing is of the essence. Kevin started by coaching other artists and bringing together creative professionals to exchange ideas and experiences. Over time Braenworks evolved into a Creative Business Society for creative professionals to work both on their personal development and on growing their business.

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Amos Frank, personal development trainer en business coach bij Braenworks

Amos Frank

Business Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: business coaching & persoonlijk leiderschap

Charissa Koster

Legal Coach / Academy Master
Expertise: mediazaken, intellectueel eigendom, IT

Margriet Koedooder

Advocaat Creatieve Industrie / Academy Master
Expertise: muziek, media, entertainment

Society Members


Expertise: lifecoaching

Anita Doth

Expertise: ervaring met internationale dance act

Karin Müller

Communicatie Coach
Expertise: marketing communicatie, fondsenwerving


“My coach said: ‘you design amazing projects of the future’. This gave me a clear direction. It is a process with me. I come closer and closer to who I really am, a visionair for futuristic architecture”

- Aleksandra Suchowska – founder OLA Architecten

“Partially it was about yourself: what do you want to achieve? Partially it was about the business side of things, the strategy I could develop, legal aspects. For all these matters I got advice from experts in their field. One of these experts got so enthusiastic that he became a partner.”

- Leal van Herwaarden – dancer / manager HipHopHuis

“I just had a good feeling about Kevin and his ideas about the path forward. To evaluate together what my strong points are, but also my weak points. The learning program was actually meant to develop a business plan and to look for investors. But an investor already presented himself during my time at Braenworks so that was perfect.”

- Tjeerd Hendrik – founder concept store GROOS

“Often times, as a creative, you want to accept every opportunity, you are working on multiple projects. But you cannot put all your passion in everything and deliver the same quality. So being more focussed was important. And knowing what price to ask for your services. When is something worthwhile financially and when to say ‘no’? It was refreshing and liberating to let go of my idealism for a moment. It shouldn’t prevent you from creating what you actually want to create.”

- Rasheida Adrianus | filmmaker


“After focussing on my artistic development for years I am now focussing more and more on the business side of my profession. And sometimesit’s hard to run a business by yourself! But I know who I am and what I have to offer. Now is the time to not necessarily work harder, but to work smarter above all. The Braenworks Academy was just what I needed!”

- Valentina Eleni – Singer songwriter


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