Welcome to Braenworks

We value your creativity 

Braenworks is specialized in bringing business and creativity in perfect harmony.  We were founded by creatives, and attracted an experienced business network that's ready to support our creatives. We always build on your personal unique added value and creativity. 

For mission driven people

Are you constantly looking for better ways to realize your ideas or projects? Or are you secretly contemplating on starting your own business? Then you came to the right place. There are many entrepreneurial platforms that will tell you what's hot in the marketplace and how to take advantage of it. This a view we cannot subscribe to. Creativity is all about abundance and creating something out of nothing. 

Value driven. Not money driven.

Our society is built to reward time with money. We believe that value, not time, should be rewarded with money. Your value is locked inside your personal creativity. Braenworks is focussed on unlocking that value and monetizing it. 


Braenworks helps transform your Creativity into business.

In order to get you ready for the before mentioned Creative Revolution, we have devised four programs that will benefit you enormously in your personal development. We offer a range of services and products that help you build, manage and grow your personal business. All programs are amendable to your personal needs and preferences.   

  • Consultancy for creatives. We have  easily accessible financial, legal and business expertise that you can book here today!
  • Coaching for if you want to actively learn to control all the crucial elements of your business under the wings of one of our coaches. 
  • Courses for whom want to get in-depth knowledge about creative industry, or help push themselves  through self-development.  
 Shay Kreuger

“Braenworks is the place to be when you walk around with a set of ideas. When on the one-hand you don't know how to realise your ideas and on the other hand you don't have a good picture of what's going on financially. ”

Shay Kreuger - Radio-host & TV producer